2011 July 16
Laundry :)
Across Blue Bottle

2011 June 25
Brick wall... somewhere on University Place?

2011 June 25
Somewhere east of Thompkins Square Park, probably on 9th or 10th?

2011 June 25
My friend's order: Salmon Benedicte & home fries from Flea Market Cafe
Yummy brunch with friends at a nearby favorite :)

2011 July 2
Photographic evidence: The Sorry State of My Shoes
I don't know whether it's because I walk a lot, the shoes are cheap, I walk funny - or all of the above, but my shoes of late haven't been lasting me more than a few months. Does anyone else walk holes into their shoes?

2011 June 12
Old Volkswagon Beetle :)

2011 June 21
Empire State Building